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Welcome to Hua Xin   

Do you feel like ordering in? Are you too tired to dress up and go out for dinner? Well, there is no problem at all because Hua Xin is here to cater for you right at your home. Are you wondering what kind of food we can deliver? Everything; from Fast Food to proper meals; you get everything when you order your dinner at Hua Xin.


Our lavish and delicious menu includes tasty dishes from different cuisines, starters, soups, rice, noodles beef/lamb dishes and even Japanese dishes. Can it get any easier than this? We don’t think so. So next time you feel like ordering ANYTHING to eat while you sit back and relax at home, think of Hua Xin Express!



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Mon: 17:00 - 23:00
Wed-Sun: 17:00 - 23:00

We close from 24 DEC-27 DEC  

(Open all bank holidays)



Recent Web Reviews

Meat spring rolls did not arrive

Lee Gladstone

Dec 18,2020

This is my preferred takeaway so I order quite often. The food is delicious.

Ms Tenizi

Nov 19,2020

Really frustrating not to receive complimentary prawn crackers, happens alot with this take away, when I actually pay for them purposefully I end up with 2 packets, one i have paid for and a complimentary packet, when I don't pay for them I get none!

Nicola Cronin

Nov 09,2019

Food is amazing ! Customer service is amazing ! Very polite ! They have very good service ! 100% happy

Talha Emek

Sep 19,2019

When this order arrived the Thai Tom Yung soup container was broken and the soup had leaked out, leaving about a quarter of the tub left. Food was fine, but loss of part of the order due to the restaurant or driver is unacceptable.

Rebecca Grant

May 25,2019

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